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10 - 13 November, 2023
King Parrot Cottages | Lorne, VIC

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This experience is designed to integrate and evolve your physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions and facilitate a return to wholeness. It is a sacred space that fosters heart-centered connection to self and other.


Through a variety of mind and body processes, you will have the opportunity to delve deep into the parts of yourself that block your light from shining, and release any limitation that holds you back from your own inner knowing.


The immersive nature of this experience creates the space for you to tap into your higher self. Life moves from an effortful forcing to a graceful surrender, as you allow your highest potential to flow through you.

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Breakthrough Processes

Your evolution will be supported by a range of mind-body processes designed to expand your mind and open your heart to the next level of consciousness.

Healing Sessions

You will be guided through a deep exploration of Allura Halliwell's signature Core Wound work. Heal your Core Wounds to break the loop and feel your innate sense of Love, Worth and Knowing.

Incredible Experiences!

You will have the opportunity to overcome fears, discover inner strengths and make memories with a range of life changing experiences you will never forget!

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Heart Opening Sessions & Experiences...

Core Wound Shift

A deep exploration of the inner Core Wounds of feeling Unloved, Unworthy and Unknown. This revolutionary original process from Allura Halliwell is guaranteed to change the way you experience reality.

Altered States Breathwork

The breath is a powerful tool for calming the body, quieting the mind and accessing altered states of consciousness. This experience will offer a fresh perspectives and the opportunity for transcendence.

Pain as a Portal

You will discover that within your deepest pain is the opportunity for profound realisation. With Allura's guidance, you will enter a state of expanded awareness, reclaim your energetic sovereignty and experience inner freedom.

Ice Bath Immersion

In addition to a range of benefits for the mind, body and soul, ice bathing is the key to accessing inner strength and mastering the mind. With the expert guidance of Gene Kelly, you will leave this experience feeling energised and empowered!

Relationship Rewire

Discover how your most challenging relationships offer the greatest growth potential. Learn how to harness the power of consciousness to transform your relationship with yourself and others.

Fire Walk

Fire walking has been used for thousands of years for initiation and as a test of strength, courage and faith. At The Heart Shift Retreat, you will have the opportunity to face fear and walk through fire!

Quantum Meditation & Sound Bath

These powerful states and frequencies will move you beyond all time and space to remind you that you are the nexus point between human and divine.

Nervous System Rewire

Learn the art and science of rewiring the brain and nervous system. You will gain insight on how our retreat experiences lead to lasting positive change in the mind, body and hearts of our participants

The Magic of Mushrooms

Learn how the use of medicinal mushrooms aid personal transformation and healing at the neurological level. This experience will create profound internal shifts and expand your consciousness.

Your Guides...

Allura Halliwell & Gene Kelly

Allura and Gene have been called "The EMpower Couple" by those who have experienced their commitment and passion for what they do. Each had developed their own body of work before falling in love and combining their gifts to create The Heart Shift. They travel Australia hosting their unique brand of workshops, programs and retreats.

Guest Facilitators & Private Chef

We collaborate with some of Australia's best facilitators and musicians who all contribute to the magic of retreat!

All meals are fully included with all dietary requirements accounted for by our private chef! We use only fresh, nutritious whole foods in order to nourish the body as well as the spirit.

Join Us at King Parrot Cottages

Complete with it's own waterfall, King Parrot Cottages sits on the edge of a rainforest in the stunning Penny Royal Valley in Victoria. This lush, spacious backdrop is the perfect setting to immerse in the inner work.

Accommodation is available as individual or shared room options. The large communal dining area and kitchen will offer a place to connect and share delicious meals with your new tribe. The ceremonial hall is a beautiful light filled space where we will gather to learn and experience the shift together.

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Through a variety of life changing processes and experiences, this four day and three night retreat is an invitation to delve deeper into your true potential, release any limitations and come home to your inner wholeness.

  • Four days and Three┬ánights at King Parrot Retreat in Lorne, Victoria
  • All delicious whole foods and snacks for your stay
  • Extensive Quantum Meditation Guidance and Journeying
  • Altered States Breath Work Experience
  • Medicinal Mushroom Exploration
  • Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony
  • Sound Bathing
  • Core Wounding Exploration
  • Pain as a Portal Session
  • Relationship Rewire Session
  • Fire Walk Experience
  • Ice Bath Immersion
  • Four Powerful recorded Quantum Meditation Processes to Prepare┬á
  • Pre-Retreat One on One 30 minute Connection Call with Allura
  • Post Retreat 3x Online Integration Sessions┬á
  • Online Membership Portal for Ongoing Group Connection and access to materials and guidance
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Quantum Meditation will create the foundation of your heart shift 

Remembering that you are a divine being having a human experience imbues you with a deeper sense of inner connection and expanded understanding about your place in the cosmos. 

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