A way for busy minds to reap the benefits of meditation!

Learn the game-changing brain training techniques guaranteed to help you master your mind, change your brain and experience inner stillness in as little as 10 minutes per day.

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If you:

Struggle to quiet the mind...

Find meditation boring...

Would you like to experience the benefits of meditation, but just can't get into it...


"How Meditation Changes Your Brain"

Science-Based Meditation Hacks for Changing Busy Minds

4-Week Guided Learning Program and Mind Training Challenge!

Learn "Active" Techniques That Change The Game!

No more boring attempts to sit in silence! These techniques are guaranteed to work for even the busiest mind.

Harness The Full Potential of Your Mind!

More than 80% of the world's top performers meditate regularly. This program finally makes this ancient tool accessible for all!

Change Your Brain, Change Your Mind!

Discover how to rewire your brain for focus, gratitude, connection, emotional awareness, and emotional intelligence.

WEEK ONE: Brain Basics

Through an exciting and accessible exploration of the science, you will develop an understanding of the brain, how it works and what makes each brain unique.

When you understand the brain, you understand yourself and others on a deeper level.

You will also receive expert guidance on how to begin training your brain NOW to start reaping the rewards!

WEEK TWO: How to Change Your Mind

By now, your brain is already beginning to change!

This week is all about the power of NEUROPLASTICITY, the brains ability to change across time.

You will learn how to direct this principle to create a brain and mind wired for compassion, gratitude and patience.

WEEK THREE: Active Techniques Uncovered!

With your new understanding of how the brain works, the secret has been revealed!

Through this exploration of "active" techniques, mastering your mind has now become obvious and accessible.

You don't have to sit in silence any longer!

WEEK FOUR: Mind Mastery

Uncover the full potential of your mind!

Through a series of stunning stories and scientific studies, you will discover how through intention and commitment, the impossible becomes possible!

This final week of the program concludes with an exploration of powerful techniques that will set you up for a lifetime of success!

ZERO Guesswork with the Support of DAILY Guided Recordings!

These specially created recordings are designed to guide you through the entire process so you can reap the benefits in as little as 10 minutes per day!

Simply Press Play, Follow Along & Feel The Change

Recordings are based on the topic of each week in order to support the learning process. While your class is the WHY these techniques work, these recordings teach you the HOW.

Simply allow yourself to be expertly guided through the process each day of the week!

Convenient Program Delivery Saves Time & Makes It Easy!

 - A live Zoom group class will take place at the same time each week of the program and offer the opportunity to learn and ask questions.

- Each lesson is recorded and class summary made available to ensure you never miss out!

- Be part of a private WhatsApp group where you will be encouraged to share your journey and ask questions.

- Receive a new recording every day via email and the members portal so you always have easy access and never get lost! 

Make The Process Work For You!

- The special design of each recording means they can be played in 5, 10 and 20 minute intervals so you can make the process work for you!

With All the Benefits of Meditation Now Accessible, There Is No Better Investment!

Four Weeks of Content
- Weekly Live Class via Zoom
- Weekly Q&A
- Class Archive & Recordings (Never Miss A Session!)
- DAILY guided recordings
- Private Group Text Support via Whatsapp
- Private Facebook Group for Ongoing Support and Special Offers
- Lifetime Access to Recordings

Tuesday 24th October 2023
7pm AEDT

$150 per week x 4 weeks
$75.00 per week x 4 weeks
(50% off early bird offer - limited time only)

Pay in full or via weekly payments.

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Meet Your Guide!

Gene Kelly's Story

After years of struggling to quiet the mind, Gene discovered a way to meditate that helped him overcome depression and anxiety.

Along the way, he recognized that others face the same barriers to success that he once did.

With an understanding of neuroscience, the principles of meditation and 15 years coaching experience, he is now on a mission is to help others experience these life-changing benefits for themselves!

He has developed a wealth of knowledge over his career with qualification as a personal trainer, Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Breath Work Facilitator, Sleep Coach, Cold Immersion Facilitator and Fire Walk Facilitator (Yes, really!).

Gene is a committed practitioner of all things mind, body and soul, and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His greatest passion is teaching those who want to learn.

Connect with Gene @GeneKellyLovesYou

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Class Begins Tuesday, September 19th!

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